Lakes & Fjords

VisitGalway - Derryclare Lough

Derryclare Lough

Derryclare Lough offers the perfect photo opportunities with the stunning Twelve Ben’s mountain range just north of the lake. The island on the lake is called Pine Island. The lough is popular with fishermen for both salmon and trout.

VisitGalway - Loch Na Fooey

Loch Na Fooey

Lough Na Fooey is a beautiful lake situated just after the mountain pass as you head towards Finney, offering stunning views. There is a sandy beach on the edge of the lake that is superb for a swim or a picnic lunch.

VisitGalway - Ballynahinch Lake

Ballynahinch Lake

Ballynahinch Lake measures at about 4 km long and 1 km wide. To the north of the lake lies the Twelve Ben’s mountain range offer ample beautiful photo opportunities. The lake is fed by Derryclare Lough at its eastern end. The lake holds salmon and brown trout.

VisitGalway - Rahasane Turlough

Rahasane Turlough

Rahasane turlough is the largest surviving turlough in Ireland. A turlough is a karst lake, which has no surface outlet and is surrounded on all sides by rising land. The turlough is of great significance to wildlife as it is the location for migrating birds, and wintering ground for the white-fronted goose.It is also one of the few known breeding grounds in Ireland of the Eurasian wigeon.

VisitGalway - Lough Inagh

Lough Inagh

A popular trout and salmon lake, Lough Inagh offers some of the greatest photo opportunities in Connemara with the backdrop of the Twelve Bens mountain range on one side and the Maum Turks on the other.

VisitGalway - Ross Lake

Ross Lake

Ross Lake is a freshwater lake beside Ross Castle and is part of the Lough Corrib catchment. The lake measures about 3 km long and 1 km wide. Fish species in Ross Lake include perch, roach, bream, pike and the critically endangered European eel.

VisitGalway - Lough Corrib

Lough Corrib

Lough Corrib is the largest lake in the Republic of Ireland and second largest in the island of Ireland after Lough Neagh. The lake holds stock of mainly trout and salmon fish. A recent study from the creator of charts of the lake outlined there are 1,327 islands on the lake even though locals have always reputed that there are 365 islands. Lastly, the first canal in Ireland was cut in the 12th century, Friar’s Cut, and allowed boats to pass from Lough Corrib to the sea at Galway.

VisitGalway - Lough Mask

Lough Mask

Lough Mask is the sixth largest lake, by area, in Ireland measuring at 83 km². Lough Mask is the upper lake to Lough Corrib, but the two lakes are connected through an underground stream which becomes the River Cong. Lough Mask is best known for its brown trout fish stock and its famous large ferox trout.

VisitGalway - Lough Cutra

Lough Cutra

Lough Cutra is part of the Lough Cutra private estate near the town of Gort. The lake is renowned for coarse Pike fishing. It is also a special area of conservation. The lake offers stunning photo opportunities with the backdrop of Lough Cutra Castle.

VisitGalway - Lough Coolin

Lough Coolin

Located in Clonbur, Lough Coolin is a place of unique beauty, set in the shadow of Mount Gable. In the past, the lake was the favored setting for a picnic of esteemed owners of the nearby Ashford Castle.

VisitGalway - Loughrea Lake

Loughrea Lake 

Loughrea lake is a freshwater lake with water being fed from underground springs. During the summer the lake is a popular venue with locals and visitors as it’s an excellent and safe place for swimming with lifeguards on site. The lake is also a very important site for waterbirds with large numbers of birds from continental Europe nesting in the wintertime.

VisitGalway - Mountbellew Lake

Mountbellew Lake

Mountbellew Lake is a preserved wildlife haven for Duck, Wild Geese, Coot, Heron Pheasant, Swans and Cygnets providing the perfect opportunity for some great snaps and great bird watching. Although to the east of the lake there is an island known as Crane Island, Cranes are a rare sight anymore.

VisitGalway - Lough Aughawoolia

Lough Aughawoolia

Lough Aughawoolia is a gem not far from Maum Cross, the ‘gateway to Connemara’. The lake offers a quiet place to fish with a quaint little fishing hut at the side of the lake, highlighting the popularity of the lake for fishing. The lake offers fantastic opportunities for some great photos.

VisitGalway - Lough Derg

Lough Derg

Lough Derg on the River Shannon is one of Ireland’s finest lakes. The north west of the lake lies in County Galway beside the town of Portumna. The lake is renowned for its superb game and coarse fishing. Lough Derg is the second largest lake in the Republic of Ireland and the third largest in Ireland overall.

VisitGalway - Ballyquirke Lake

Ballyquirke Lake

Ballyquirke Lough is a freshwater lake and is part of the Lough Corrib catchment. The lake is a popular Pike fishing destination and provides a relaxing fishing retreat to fishermen. The lake offers some lovely backdrops making for some great photo opportunities.

VisitGalway - Coole Lough

Coole Lough

Coole Lough is a lake apart of the Coole Park and Woodland. The lake has been protected as a Wetland of International Importance under the Ramsar Convention since 1990. The lake hosts numerous different types of wildlife, perfect for birdwatchers.

VisitGalway - Kylemore Lough

Kylemore Lough

Kylemore Lough is probably the most photographed lake in Connemara with the stunning Kylemore Abbey and Gardens in the background. In autumn, the colours of the forest on the shores of the lake make for some spectacular photos also. In addition, there are walks beside the lake which offer a peaceful, tranquil stroll as you watch the local fisherman fish the lake.

VisitGalway - Lough Shindilla

Lough Shindilla

Lough Shindilla is a freshwater lake located in beautiful Connemara countryside. The lake measures about 2 km long and 1 km wide and flows east into Ardderry Lough. Stocks of brown trout, perch, salmon, Arctic char and critically endangered European eel can be found in the lake.

VisitGalway - Lough Fee

Lough Fee

Lough Fee is a freshwater lake located in the stunning Connemara region of County Galway. The lake measures about 3 km long and 0.5 km wide and flows out the northwest of the lake to Lough Muck, which in turn flows to the Atlantic Ocean via the Culfin River. Stocks of salmon and brown trout can be found in the lake.

VisitGalway - Glenicmurrin Lough

Glenicmurrin Lough

Glenicmurrin Lough is located in the Connemara countryside. It’s a quaint picturesque lake which hosts fish species of sea trout, brown trout, grilse and Artic char.

VisitGalway - Lough Nahillion

Lough Nahillion

Lough Nahillion is situated in the beautiful Connemara region. The lake offers a peaceful and tranquil place to relax and unwind. The lake is drained by the Traheen River.

VisitGalway - Lettercraffroe Lough

Lettercraffroe Lough

Lettercraffroe Lough is a freshwater lake located in the Connemara area of County Galway. The lake measures about 2 km long and 1 km wide. Fish species to the lake include; roach, brown trout and three-spined stickleback. The lough is part of the Connemara Bog Complex Special Area of Conservation.

VisitGalway - Aughrusbeg Lough

Aughrusbeg Lough

Aughrusbeg Lough is a freshwater lake located in the Connemara region of County Galway. The types of fish which can be found in the lake include; three-spined stickleback, rudd, brown trout and the critically endangered European eel. The lake is a designated special area of conservation.

VisitGalway - Lough Bofin

Lough Bofin

Lough Bofin is a freshwater lake which can be found in the stunning Connemara region of County Galway. The lake offers a peaceful and tranquil place to relax and enjoy the surround scenery. The lake is part of the Connemara Bog Complex Special Area of Conservation.

VisitGalway - Glendollagh Lough

Glendollagh Lough

Glendollagh Lough sits in the Recess location of Connemara offering a backdrop of beautiful mountain scenery. The lake plays host to wild trout and salmon stocks. It’s a perfect location to unwind and take some great photos.

VisitGalway - Maumeen Lough

Maumeen Lough

Maumeen Lough is a freshwater lake located in the near the village of Roundstone in the Connemara region of Galway. The lake is part of the Connemara Bog Complex Special Area of Conservation.

VisitGalway - Glenamaddy Turlough

Glenamaddy Turlough 

Located east of the town of Glenamaddy, the Glenamaddy Turlough is a seasonal lake which usually dries up in summer. It is said that the town of Glenamaddy is reputed to get its name from the shape of the lake in winter, which is said to resemble a dog. The turlough is popular among wildlife with thousands of waterfowl and birds such as golden plover, Greenland white-fronted goose, whooper swans, wigeon, curlew, lapwing and other species arriving each winter for food and shelter.

VisitGalway - Killary Fjord

Killary Fjord

Killary Harbour is a fjord located in Connemara which forms a natural border between counties Galway and Mayo. The fjord is 16 km’s long. It is one of only three glacial fjords which exist in Ireland. With the Mweelrea mountains to the north of the fjord and the Maumturk mountains and Twelve Bens to the south, Killary Fjord plays hosts to breathtaking scenery offering plentiful photo opportunities.