VisitGalway - Castle Daly Loughrea

Echoes of a Party

There have been reports that an echo of a party can be heard throughout Castle Daly, with further reports going on to say that the celebrations of the party end with screams and cries for help.

VisitGalway - Dirt Road Connemara

Phantom of a Sad Old Man

Although the exact location is still to be established, reports are that on an old dirt road running along a hill near Maam Cross, there are sightings of an old man which stands in the middle of the road after a sharp bend. Reports further outline that the old man doesn’t move and that that cars have gone straight through the phantom. In addition, after the old man passes through your car, if you look back you will see the old man looking back at you very sadly.

VisitGalway - Fairy Fortress Knockma

Fairy Battle

Reports from Irish folklore around 1846, outline that fairies fought openly above the skies of Knockma hill during the potato famine. The hill is also said to be the burial place of Finnbheara, king of the Connacht fairies.

VisitGalway - Coole Lake

Water Monster

Coole lake is said to be home of a mysterious water monster resembling a horse. There has been unconfirmed sightings of the horse like creature for years.

VisitGalway - Lough Graney

Giant Eel?

Named by locals as the giant eel, Lough Graney is host to an unknown water creature. There have been reports from at least one swimmer of being chased by a wriggling water monster in the lough.

VisitGalway - Lough Auna

Large Swimming Creature

During the 60’s, a sighting of grey creature swimming in Lough Auna was reported by a local farmer. Towards the end of the 60’s, in 1969, this report was further backed up by Commodore Kort of the Royal Netherlands Air Force who also claimed to have witnessed a creature with a pointed back swimming in the lough. Since then, there have been further reports by a number of bog workers who have claimed to have seen a massive creature that has the head of a horse and the body of an eel swimming through the water.

VisitGalway - Dunanore Castle

Murdered Pirates

It has been reported that on occasions one can see a ghostly ship drop anchor just off the coast. Battle scarred sailors then use smaller boats, carrying checks and sacks of gold and jewels, and take the treasures into the ruined castle of Dunanore. Unfortunately the exact location is unknown but we are working on it.

VisitGalway - Lough Dubh

Large Lake Creature

In 1962, a man and his son were out fishing on Black Lake/Lough Dubh, when the boys hook caught hold of what was reported as a cow-sized creature described as having short stumpy legs, small ears, and a single horn protruding from its nose. Unfortunately the exact location is unknown but we are working on it.

VisitGalway - Renvyle House

WB Yeats & Strangler

Renvyle House was treated as WB Yeats home away from home and it is still believed that he still resides there today. It has been reported that several of the rooms are also haunted by the ghosts of children. It is unknown as to whether these children have some association with Yeats himself. In addition to this, the house is thought to be haunted by the ghost of a man who strangled himself with his own bare hands. It is reported that doors have been seen to open and close unaided, while figures have also been seen reflected in mirrors.

VisitGalway - Lough Fadda

Loathsome Creature

In the 1950’s, a strange water creature which was long and black with smooth skin and a head like a shark was spotted in Lough Fadda. The witness had nightmares for weeks after the event, and refused to return alone to the lake.

VisitGalway - Lough Nahooin Monster

Horned Eel

Reports from 1968, outlined that a dark, four metres long creature with no hair or eyes but with two horns on the top of it’s head was spotted by a family in Lough Nahioon.

VisitGalway - The Long Walk Nun

Claddagh Nun at the Long Walk

In Feb 2012, the above image was taken by photographer Jonathan Curran which sparked numerous news reports throughout the country. The photo shows what looks like a nun standing along the Long Walk at the Claddagh in Galway City. It’s unconfirmed whether this woman may be actually a living person or a trick of photography, it was outlined that after the photo was taken the woman had disappeared into thin air and was not to be seen.

VisitGalway - Ballygar Street

Ghost of a Trotting Dog

It was reported back in 1913, that a black dog vanished into thin air on a lane in the Ballygar area. It was spotted by a cyclist in the area who outlined that the black dog vanished in front of their eyes.

VisitGalway - Tyrone House

Ghost of Christopher St. George

It is believed that the ghost of Christopher St. George roams of the ruins of Tyrone House. It is told that his ghost remains in the protests of being unfairly treated by his strongly protestant family, who disowned him as he fell in love and married a catholic woman.

VisitGalway - Woodlawn Railway Station

Bear Faced Man

Although it is not exactly sure of when the sighting took place, stories told outline that two people walking home from leaving the train station in Woodlawn head groaning coming from behind a wall. They climbed the wall to see where the noise was coming from and spotted a creature with what was told to have a man’s body and a head of a bear. Apparently the creature responded saying ‘don’t speak to me’ and wandered off when the witnesses tried to speak to the strange bear.

VisitGalway - Rathpeak House

Ghost of a Knocking Girl

It is reported that from the ruins of Rathpeak house, a young girl has been spotted standing by and upstairs window. It is unknown as to who the young girl is. There have also been further reports of strange, loud bangs coming from the ruined building from time to time. There is now no sign of the house and there are modern farm sheds at the stables. Family history sources suggest the house was demolished in the latter years of the twentieth century.

VisitGalway - Ballybane House

Spontaneous Combustion

On the 22 December 2010, the BBC reported that Dr Ciaran McLoughlin, a coroner of West Galway, recorded the verdict of spontaneous combustion in an investigation case of a death of a man in a private residence in Clareview Park in Galway City. It had been reported that the body of Michael Faherty has been totally burnt when found in his living room, but the rest of the room had minimal other damage.

VisitGalway - Ballynahinch Lake

Large Eel

Reports from the 1880’s outline that witnesses had spotted a long eel-like creature under a bridge near Ballynahinch which had been stuck there for near two days.

VisitGalway - Blink Stone Ghost Thoor Ballylee

Ghost of Norman

W B Yeats had always believed his summer home, Thoor Ballylee, was also shared with a ghost of a Norman soldier. However a photograph taken in 1989 by Mr. Blinkthorne shows a ghostly figure of a young boy. It has been suggested that the young boy may be Yeat’s son but the identity still remains unknown. The ghost became know as the Blinkthorne Ghost.

VisitGalway - Aran Island Fishing

Short Men in Green

Although the exact location is not known on the Aran Islands, it was reported in 1992, that a fifteen year old boy spotted two figures, just over a metre tall and dressed in green, sea fishing. Apparently the two figures were chatting in Irish before jumping up and vanishing when they realised the boy was near. However one of the figures left behind a pipe which the witness took and ‘safely’ locked away only for it to later disappear.

VisitGalway - Dunsandle House

Ghost near the Mantelpiece

Dated back to the mid to late twentieth century, it is believe that a ghost of a tall man attached itself to the mantelpiece of Dunsandle House. When some stonework of the mantelpiece was removed by a stonemason, it was reported that the ghost went with the stone and subsequently haunted the stonemason’s workshop with items being thrown around and strange fiddling heard at night. It is unknown whether the stonemason returned the mantelpiece or destroyed it.

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