Mileposts & Weighbridges

VisitGalway - Mountbellew Milepost

Mountbellew Milepost

This milepost, situated in Mountbellew, is unusually set within a bridge and marks the distance to Dublin, Galway and Ballinasloe, amongst other places. Crafted from local limestone, the milestone is a great addition to the industrial heritage of Mountbellew town.

VisitGalway - Annagh Milepost

Annagh Milepost

The milestone stone has intricate carving details showing fine craftsmanship adding artistic interest, along with distances from certain places. It also has associations with the prominent and wealthy Bodkin family, one of the ‘Tribes of Galway’ who were granted Annagh and other lands in the Barony of Clare, Co. Galway in the late seventeenth century.

VisitGalway - Fr. Griffin Road Weighbridge

Fr. Griffin Road Weighbridge

Located next to the Eglinton Canal, the cast iron piece of street furniture is all that remains of the now absent weighbridge and of a long gone corn mill. The iron was cast by a British firm, W.T. Avery Ltd. This feature is an important reminder of the industrial and commercial heritage of Galway.

VisitGalway - Dunmore Weighbridge

Dunmore Weighbridge

Weighbridges were once a common feature in Irish market town as they provided impartial measurements to bulk bought goods as they were owned and operated by the local authorities. This, cast-iron metal weighbridge is dated 1925 and has raised lettering in the centre with the initials, W&T Avery Ltd.

VisitGalway - Gort Crane House Weighbridge

Gort Crane House Weighbridge

Usually found with an associated market house this former weigh house stands alone. Its simple form is typical of functional buildings of its era, and is enhanced by skilled stone masonry, with straight corners to rock-faced rusticated blocks. It is contextualised by an interesting ensemble of features, such as the crane, weigh bridge and fire hydrant.

VisitGalway - Kylemore Weighbridge

Kylemore Weighbridge

This is a cast-iron weighbridge and weighing machinery, dated 1862, which is now disused. Maker’s marks, ‘Grendon & Co. 1862’ can be seen engraved on the cast-iron. This weighbridge forms part of a notable group with the canal, canal bridges, and canal store, providing a visual reminder of the importance of the canal in the transport and trade of goods in the early nineteenth century, before the construction of the railways, and to a lesser extent until its closure in 1961. Notwithstanding its overgrown condition, the machinery is in good repair, and has well designed decorative fluting, banding, and moulding. Unfortunately the exact location is unknown but remains around the Kylemore townland near Ballinasloe.

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