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The Galway Independent is a free newspaper each Wednesday which gives information about Galway City and surrounding areas. Keep up-to-date with all that’s happening in Galway City. 

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Galway Advertiser

The Galway Advertiser is a free newspaper each Thursday which gives information about Galway City and surrounding areas. Keep up-to-date with all that’s happening in Galway City via the Galway Advertiser e-paper.

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Connacht Tribune

The Connacht Tribune is a newspaper circulating chiefly in County Galway. The Tribune Group prints three titles every week – the Connacht Sentinel on Tuesday, the Connacht Tribune on Thursday and the Galway City Tribune on Friday. The Newspapers are circulated in every district of Galway City and every town and village in the County.

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Tuam Herald

The Tuam Heard is a newspaper distributed each Thursday which gives information about the town of Tuam in Galway and it’s surrounding areas. Keep up-to-date with all that’s happening around Tuam in North Galway.

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Galway Bay FM

Galway Bay FM is Galway’s local radio station. The station brings local news, sport, weather, traffic updates, conversation and music to listeners. Tune in to get up to date with what is happening around the county.

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Connemara Journal

The Connemara Journal is a newspaper distributed each Thursday which gives information around towns and surrounding areas in Connemara, in the west of Galway. Keep up-to-date with all that’s happening around in Connemara, West Galway.

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VisitGalway is Galway's newest information centre for locals or tourist alike. It aim's to provide extensive information about both Galway City and County. VisitGalway was started by a local Galway person for their love of Galway.
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Be sure to Visit Galway this Christmas!! 🙂
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Tag who you'd share the seat with! #GalwayBay #Galway #VisitGalway
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Maumeen is a mountain pass in Connemara, that links the Maum and Inagh Valleys through the Maumturk mountains. The name comes from the Irish “Maum na Ean” which literally means “Pass of the Birds”. Two thousand years ago Maumeen was an important Celtic shrine. The site was then claimed by the early Christian church who turned it into a shrine dedicated to Saint Patrick. During the 17th and 18th Centuries the “Penal Laws” outlawed the Catholic church. During this period Maumeen was used as a type of clandestine outdoor church known as a “mass rock”. After the repeal of the Penal Laws in the mid-19th Century, Maumeen returned to being the destination of an annual pilgrimage however, in the early years of the 20th Century, the Catholic church withdrew its support of the pilgrimage due to its reputation for partying rather than for piety. In the last thirty years the tradition of a pilgrimage was re-established. Where once there was the outdoor mass rock, a small chapel called “CiIIin Phédraig”, dedicated to St. Patrick, has now been built. #Maumeen #Connemara #Galway #VisitGalway
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Rolling back the years with how the entertainment page of the #galwayadvertiser
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Amazingly talented people training down in the Claddagh Basin of Galway City! #LoveGalway #VisitGalway
Connacht Tribune - Galway City Tribune
Training at the Claddagh Basin for Wires Crossed Galway 2020, one of the anchor projects of Galway 2020 European Capital of Culture, produced by Galway Community Circus, which aims to train some 400 people in the art of funambulism (tight wire walking) over the coming years leading to a major world record spectacle of crossing the River Corrib. Wires Crossed intends to highlight the importance of both physical and mental health by bringing this dynamic art form to all corners of Europe. (Video: Joe O'Shaughnessy)
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Tag who you'd love to sit here with! #GalwayBay #Galway #VisitGalway. Photo Credit: Galway2020 visit_galway photo
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Along the Maumeen Pass, you will find “CiIIin Phédraig”, a small chapel dedicated to St. Patrick. The chapel is built on the site of a mass rock, where Catholic mass would have been held in secret during the penal laws era #Maumeen #Connemara #Galway #VisitGalway visit_galway photo
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Our #picoftheday is of the shipwreck of the #MVPlassey on #Inisheer. In 1960, the ship was caught in a severe storm and ran onto Finnis Rock. Weeks later a second storm then washed the ship off the rock and drove it on to the shoreline, #InísÓirr #AranIslands #Galway #VisitGalway visit_galway photo
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Dinosaur or Dragon? Beware of the protector of the ruins of #ClifdenCastle! It's our #PicOfTheDay! #Galway #VisitGalway visit_galway photo
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