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Stone Circles Galway, Portal Tombs in Galway, Standing Stones Galway
Leaba Dhiarmada agus Gráinne - Visit Galway
Carrownlisheen Wedge Tomb
Scrahallia Wedge Tomb - Visit Galway
Scrahallia Wedge Tomb
Leagaun Portal Tomb - Visit Galway
Leagaun Portal Tomb
Cregg Wedge Tomb - Visit Galway
Cregg Wedge Tomb
Carrowroe Portal & Wedge Tomb - Visit Galway
Carrowroe Portal & Wedge Tomb
Commons East Stone Circle - Visit Galway
Commons East Stone Circle
Carrowmore Standing Stone - Visit Galway
Carrowmore Standing Stone
Ballinderry Sheela-na-Gig - Visit Galway
Ballinderry Sheela-na-Gig
Doorus Demesne Wedge Tomb - Visit Galway
Doorus Demesne Wedge Tomb
Menlough Portal Tomb - Visit Galway
Menlough Portal Tomb
Knockbrack Court Tomb - Visit Galway
Knockbrack Court Tomb
Cregdotia Wedge Tomb - Visit Galway
Cregdotia Wedge Tomb
Cleggan Court Tomb - Visit Galway
Cleggan Court Tomb
Letterdeen Standing Stone - Visit Galway
Letterdeen Standing Stone
Ardrahan Standing Stone - Visit Galway
Ardrahan Standing Stone
Ballynacloghy Portal Tomb - Visit Galway
Ballynacloghy Portal Tomb
Marblehill Wedge Tombs - Visit Galway
Marblehill Wedge Tombs
Knockavally Portal Tomb - Visit Galway
Knockavally Portal Tomb
Crannagh Portal Tomb - Visit Galway
Crannagh Portal Tomb
No Image Available - Visit Galway
Moanmore West Stone Circle
Knockawuddy Standing Stone - Visit Galway
Knockawuddy Standing Stone
The Turoe Stone - Visit Galway
The Turoe Stone