Ballymore Castle is a small 16th century tower house said to have been built in 1585 by John Lawrence, on the land he had acquired through marriage to a daughter of the O’Madden family, Lord of Longford. 

Lawrence’s eldest son, Walter Lawrence, married Cecily Moore, the granddaughter of Richard Burke, 2nd Earl of Clanricarde. As a result, the castle suffered much during the subsequent wars and was repaired by Walter Lawrence again in 1620. 

Having supported the royalist cause in the Wars of the Three Kingdoms, under the leadership of Ulick Burke, 1st Marquess of Clanricarde, John Lawrence Jr. was dispossessed by Oliver Cromwell in 1641. The castle and much of the estate was then given to Sir Thomas Newcomen, who leased the castle back to the Lawrence’s. 

During the Williamite wars a small defensive force occupied Ballymore castle in 1691 under the instructions of Patrick Sarsfield, 1st Earl of Lucan. The castle was attacked by de Ginkell and was eventually captured, hanging the sergeant of the troops in the process. 

In 1815, the east facing entrance was incorporated into a house by the Seymour family. The house and castle are still inhabited today.


GPS: 53.230261, -8.181271