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Galway Bay

Spanning six generations and filled with joy, sadness, and heroism, Galway Bay sheds brilliant light on the ancestors of today's forty-four million Irish Americans and is a universal story you will never forget.

Greater Than A Tourist - Galway, Ireland

Greater than a Tourist - Galway by Rebecca Spelman offers the inside scoop on Galway from someone who lives there. You'll discover local advice that will help you throughout your trip.

The Little Book of Galway

The Little Book of Galway is a compendium of fascinating, obscure, strange and entertaining facts about County Galway. Find out about Galway's history, literary heritage, its cathedrals castles and more.

The Ghosts of Galway (Jack Taylor)

Author Ken Bruen has received accolades from the New York Times Book Review. In The Ghosts of Galway, he brings those elegiac talents to bear on a case involving a famously blasphemous red book and Bruen’s equally profane antihero Jack Taylor.

Galway: A Sense of Place

Aimed at both residents and visitors alike, and with dozens of maps, photographs, and illustrations, Galway: A Sense of Place exposes the body and soul of the city, and suggests the path it needs to follow to manage its future change and retain its enormous popularity.

Galway Bay Folk Tales

From the saints of the Dark Ages to modern-day sinners, Galway Bay is the source of some of Ireland's most magical tales. In this book local storyteller Rab Fulton takes the reader through Galway's past, recalling the myths and legend's that shaped the area's history.

County Galway 101 Interesting Facts

The book details 101 interesting facts for you to learn about Galway. From castles to traditions to infamous people, the book lists it all.

Galway Street Map

A detailed map of Galway City and surrounding area complete with street index, places of interest and City Centre extract.

Xploreit Map of County Galway

This detailed touring map of Galway County has everything required to help you get the most from your visit to the area.

Galway (Irish Discovery Series - Map 40)​

Map 40 of the Irish Discovery Series is an Ordnance Survey map detailing parts of County Galway.

Galway (Irish Discovery Series - Map 39)

Map 39 of the Irish Discovery Series is an Ordnance Survey map detailing parts of County Galway.​

Galway (Irish Discovery Series - Map 45)

Map 45 of the Irish Discovery Series is an Ordnance Survey map detailing parts of County Galway.

A History of County Galway

Peadar O’Dowd’s A History of County Galway is an enjoyable, accessible and informative study of Galway’s history. It is the ideal book for anyone interested in the county of the Tribesmen.

Galway Tide Tables 2019

2019 Tide Tables for Galway, including sunrise, sunset and key phases of the moon. Each month of tide times spans two pages.

In the Galway Silence (Jack Taylor)

Ken Bruen has been called “hard to resist, with his aching Irish heart, silvery tongue, and bleak noir sensibility” (New York Times Book Review). His prose is as characteristically sharp as his outlook in the latest Jack Taylor novel, In the Galway Silence.

Galway Women in the Nineteenth Century

This book delineates the lives of the ‘Unknown Irishwoman’ in a turbulent century in Galway County and City on Ireland’s western seaboard.

Gone the Way of the Truth: Historic Graves of Galway

Gone the Way of Truth is a journey through Galway’s rich and varied past illustrated by graves of note. The gravestones themselves are monuments to people who once walked the streets and bohreens of Galway.

Loughrea, 'That Den of Infamy': The Land War in Co. Galway, 1879-82

In Ireland, during the Land War of 1879-1882, Galway was regarded as dangerously disturbed because of the large number of agrarian incidents reported.