Brackloon Castle was a 16th century tower house built by the O’Madden clan. It was recorded that in 1651, the castle was a scene of slaughter when the garrison was thrown off the battlements. 

It is further recorded that the castle throughout the years was attacked many times before it was captured by the Lord Justice in 1657 in the Queens campaign against the O’Connors family of Offaly. Troops were ordered to sail up the Shannon from Athlone, where the army then marched into Meelick to crush the troublesome O’Connors, who were hiding on the west banks of the Shannon. 

The castle was inhabited until the 1950’s and has since undergone considerable restoration work and numerous features such as gunloops, a box machicolation over the fourth storey level entrance, small windows, defensive, turrets and the remains of a suspected murder hole still exist.


GPS: 53.221769, -8.075435