This is a highly unusual and picturesque monument. The elliptical piercings through the shaft are most unusual, puncturing the conceit that it is monolithic. 

Obelisks were a popular feature of many large demesne landscapes. They were often built to commemorate events, or like this one, as ‘eye-catchers’ to create an interesting and romantic vista from the house. 

It is said locally that this was the spire of a nearby Church of Ireland church, removed to the demesne some years after its construction. However, the detailed inscription to the base makes no reference to this, stating ‘This spire finished in December 1811 was erected from a design presented gratuitously by J. T. Grove Esq. Architect of the British Post Office and Board of Works to Richard Earl of Clancarty’.


GPS: 53.323006, -8.251645