Eyre Square, also known as John F. Kennedy Memorial Park, is a popular public park in the heart of Galway city. The origin of the square comes from medieval open space in front of a town gate, known as the ‘Green’. Markets mostly took place in the northern part of the space. 

The plot of land that became known as ‘Eyre Square’ was officially presented to the city in 1710 by Mayor Edward Eyre, from whom it took its name. However, in 1801, Eyre Square became known as ‘Meyrick Square’ after General Meyrick erected a stone wall around the square.

Later in 1965, the square was officially renamed “John F. Kennedy Memorial Park” in honour of U.S. President John F. Kennedy whom made a speech in the square on 29 June 1963, the first U.S. president to do so during his term of office. Although the official name for the green is the John F. Kennedy Memorial Park, locals still refer to the park as Eyre Square today.


GPS: 53.274366,-9.049085