Feartagar Castle (also known as Jennings Castle) is a four storey tower house built in the 15th century by the notable De Burgo’s (Burke) family. 

In 1651, the castle was taken over by Cromwellian forces and Cromwell benefactors inhabited the estate and castle. Eventually the lands and castle fell into the hands of the Blakes of Tuam. 

As was common at the time, the Blakes built a more comfortable three storey residence adjacent to the castle. It was believed to have been on of the finest structures throughout Galway at the time. The most famous of its landlords was Edward Blake whom created an iron door at the entrance of the castle. 

After his death in 1886 the lands and house were sold to a John Cannon. The castle now lays in ruins although still remaining well preserved with features such as circular bartizans on its four corners and a machicolation over the entrance door still to be seen.


GPS: 53.569671, -8.942703