This spectacular house on the shores of the Atlantic in he village of Roundstone has drawn some interesting characters down the decades, including artists, writers and tycoons.

Most notably, Sting, the singer from Sting & the Police, resided here in the early 1980’s. It was here that he wrote most of the songs on The Police’s third album, Zenyatta Mondatta to include ‘Every little thing she does is magic’, ‘Don’t stand so close to me there’ and ‘Invisible sun’ and many more.

Unfortunately Stings residence didn’t last and locals told the story that one day Sting frantically left the village in a hurry, never to return. It was rumored that Sting had received death threats from the Provisional IRA and he upped and fled back to England as a result.

The home was later bought by Bill Whelan, the Irish composer and musician, most famous for composing the piece, ‘Riverdance’ for the 1994 Eurovision song contest.


GPS: 53.400767, -9.918545