There are three tombs in Marblehill demesne, one portal tomb and two wedge tombs. 

The portal tomb is the most northerly of the three sites and is situated on sloping meadow land. It consists of a small ruined chamber. The east and west sides of the chamber each consist of a portal stone and one side-stone but both stones at the east have collapsed inwards. There is a large roof-stone which appears to have slipped somewhat. 

The wedge tombs are about 250 yards south of the Portal-tomb. One of the tombs has suffered considerable damage but a large amount of structure is present. It consists of the ruins of a long narrow gallery with a short portico at the west, separated from the remainder of the gallery by a high septal stone. Two large displaced roof-stones lie across the middle of the gallery. 

The most southerly of the three tombs is situated on rolling pasture land and is incorporated in a fence bordering the southern side of a roadway. The tomb is ruined. It consists of the remains of a small short gallery and at the east are two side-stones and a back-stone forming the end of the gallery. Immediately beyond the southern side-stone is a low stone which is probably the base of a third side-stone.


GPS: 53.084825,-8.465681