The Turlough at Moylough, otherwise known as Cloonoran Turlough, is a unique type of disappearing lake which is found only in limestone areas. 

The name, ‘Turlough’ derives from ‘Tuar’, an Irish word for dry and ‘Lach’ meaning a place (which couldn’t be more opposite!). The Turlough floods and fills out especially after heavy rainfall, then gradually disappears after a few days, with the water disappearing through the limestone rock. 

The wetland provides a fantastic habitat for birds such as the Mallard, Snipe, Lapwing, Geese, Moorhen, Curlew, Teal, Widgeon and Swans making it the perfect location for bird watchers. 

In addition, the habitat also nurtures plants such as Silverweed, Water Croft, Rushes, Sledge, Black Turlough Moss and Meadow Sweet making for some unusual flora.


GPS: 53.478412, -8.568159