Oranmore Castle is an inhabited three storey tower house on the shores of Galway Bay. The castle was believed to have been built in the 15th century on the site of an older castle. 

The castle was recorded as being occupied by the Earl of Clanricarde, a prominent Norman family, in 1574. In 1643, the castle town revolted and joined the Confederate Irish in 1643, in which the castle was eventually surrendered to the Confederates. The castle later switched hands to the Parliamentarian Sir Charles Coote in 1651, but was eventually restored to the 6th Earl of Clanricarde in 1662. 

The castle was later held by the Blake family in the late 18th century. The castle eventually fell to ruin and lay in disrepair until 1947 when it was bought by Lady Leslie who restored it to its former glory by 1960’s. 

The castle is now occupied by artist Leonie King (descendant of the Leslie family) and her husband Alec Finn of the music band De Danaan.


GPS: 53.268246, -8.935101