St. Augustine’s Well, on the shores of Lough Atalia in Galway City, received a major renovation in 2000, improving access to the well, erecting the retaining stone wall and the installation of a bench and commemorative plaque on site. 

The well is tidal but it is still possible to get close to the well when the tide is out. The main days for devotion at the well were the last Sunday in July or the first Sunday in August in past times. 

In addition, the well has been known by locals to have healing power in the past, in particular, for those with eye problems. In 1673, a young boy with a serious illness (declared incurable), was immersed in the well and later had an apparition of the The Lord Jesus Christ in his sleep, where the boy awoke to take a drink of water from the well while blessing himself. The boy was miraculously cured.


GPS: 53.276299,-9.039608