Situated in Knockroe Hill, lies St. Bernard’s Well, a celebrated holy well. St Bernard is the patron saint of Abbeyknockmoy church and water from the well on Knockroe.

In the past, visitors to the well drank the water and collected it to bring home with them in keeping with custom. During good weather, congregation gathered at the well on the summit of Knockroe to hear outdoor mass. 

There is a story told about the well that there once was a blind man rambling around the hill and got lost. He knelt down and begged that he would regain his sight. Having finished his prayers and was about to stand up, he clutched the heather to aid him, but the heather, being weak from the roots, came up from the ground. Just then the water splashed the man in the face and his sight was restored. So he asked it to be called Bernard’s well.


GPS: 53.419294, -8.742335