St. Cavan or Caomhán of Inisheer, is a 6th century Irish saint. Caomhan is the patron saint of Inisheer and the most celebrated saint across the Aran Islands, with the 14th June a designated holiday on the island to the saint, but yet little is known about him. 

It is believed that he was a disciple of Saint Enda of Aran and that he was the elder brother of Saint Kevin of Glendalough. The ruins of St. Cavan’s church are unusual in that they are now below ground level. It is believed that the church may date back to the 10th century. All that remains visible of this structure today is the chancel. 

The grave of St. Cavan or ‘Leaba Chaomhain’ is located to the north-east of the church. On the saints day, it is tradition to pray at the grave, with further stories of people being cured of illness there also.


GPS: 53.063904, -9.514006