St. Colman’s Well was traditionally celebrated on 29th October since the seventh century. Pilgrims would visit the well on this date and do the ‘Rounds’ (a traditional prayer pattern of Our Fathers, Hail Marys and Glorias). 

The well has been attributed to many miracles. Saint Colman mac Duagh was the son of the Irish chieftain Duac (mac Duach in Irish) whom later, through his religious work, became ordained as an arch bishop. 

It is believed that St. Colman’s well was founded not longer after Colman’s mother gave birth to him. Stories say that his mother, Rhinagh, took her newborn to a priest to baptize, but they realized there was no water. Fearing to return home, the mother sheltered under an ash tree and prayed. A fountain bubbled up from the earth and Colman was baptized here, hence the well became know as St. Colman’s well. 

The exact location is unknown but we’re working on it.


GPS: 53.114777, -8.802835