Construction of the Augustinian Church began in 1500, just outside the city walls, on the present Forthill Cemetery. In 1546, Henry VIII deprived friars of their lands where the Augustinians then moved to a site in Market Street. 

They spent the next one hundred years wandering between Forthill and various “safe havens” in the city until 1760 where they were eventually able to establish a church near the present day church’s site. 

When this church ran it’s course, construction started on the present Gothic Church in 1855 with the help from Galway historian, James Hardiman, and was opened in 1859. 

The mosaic on the floor of the sanctuary is the Augustinian crest, which can also be seen on the floor of the entrance hallway. Throughout the church there are shrines, memorials and mosaics. The church has undergone a number of renovations since.


GPS: 53.272041,-9.051950